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Make git log great again!

This trick is a better way to show and visualize git history in the command line. Working in anywhere git runs.

This is the command to do it

Copy this command and paste into your git working directory:

That’s all, right? But I have some magic with this trick. Moving on!

Create an alias in ~/.gitconfig for confident using

After this step, you can call the whole command above just by “git lg” instead of git log.

  1. Open .gitconfig file in any text editor. (nano, vim, notepad, MSWord, etc.)
  2. Add command below the [alias] section.
  3. The entire file might look like this:

BE CAREFULL: If these steps are too complex, follow the best practice I mention hereafter.

Best practice:

Copy and paste to your terminal, one-time setup forever!

Now, cd into your git working directory and type: git lg

Linus torvalds

Thanks to with ♥

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